Legendary™ (PRE-ORDER)
Legendary™ (PRE-ORDER)
Legendary™ (PRE-ORDER)
Legendary™ (PRE-ORDER)
Legendary™ (PRE-ORDER)
Legendary™ (PRE-ORDER)
Legendary™ (PRE-ORDER)
Legendary™ (PRE-ORDER)

Legendary™ (PRE-ORDER)

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The preorder delivery will be March 2022

with the new deck, tire  and wheel 

more info and new pictures coming soon 


The brand XBoard is happy and proud to tell you that Legendary™ is designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA (with a little French touch!)

Legendary™ is designed for those who miss the slopes of the mountain. With our design (truck, wheel, deck…) the carving ability of Legendary™ will give you the sensation of a downhill run in two feet of fresh snow.  You know what I’m talking about, the run that makes you smile like a kid on Christmas! 

I know you will ask about power…

The 16S8P of Molicel 21700 P42A can give you 360 Amp maximum discharge and 1935 WH coupled with our 63100 motor and controlled with our ESC.  This combination gives you the best, no compromise. You will get high torque and high top speed. 

Range is very difficult to predict because of many factors.  We did several tests with varying factors (cold/hot weather, speed, incline, tire pressure…) with a 182lb rider.  The result is an estimate range of 50 miles with our AT 7inch tire.


  • Battery: 1935 WH, 16S8P, 360 Amps, Molicel 21700 P42A
  • Motor: 63100 140kv (power 5250 W, torque 10 NM each)
  • Range: 50 miles
  • Max speed: 
  • Charge time: 3 hours 20 minutes (with the X-Charger 10)
  • Horse Power: 14.74 - 19.65
  • Power: 7,872w - 10,496w



  • Complete board
  • Remote VX1
  • X-Charger 5 

***The faster X-Charger 10 is an option.  XBoard recommends using the X-Charger 10 only if you are in a rush.  It is best to charge slowly.


The Board: 

  • XBoard Hub (Made with aluminum 7075-T6 CNC IN USA)
    • We designed the hub in two separate pieces, the inside and outside parts.  This provides a better fit for our precision clamping and creates a nicer interface for the pulley.  The feature at the center of our hub prevents the parts from separating under the loads experienced during carving.  In addition, we use an SKF double row angular contact bearing.
  • XBoard Deck handcrafted in France 
    • The XBoard deck is designed by XBoard and made in France by one of the best ski manufacturers, La Planche Mauriennaise (LPM).  Skis endure a large amount of stress and torsion when carving on the slopes.  LPM and XBoard have created a special recipe consisting of carbon fiber, the best and most rare French wood, and other performance-enhancing materials, resulting in a unique product.

    • Size of deck:  46 x 10 inches (1168 x 254mm)

    • Concave: radial

    • Style: long board drop down

  • XBoard Truck (Made with aluminum 7075-T6 CNC IN USA)
    • This is an RKP truck, 300mm wide with 10mm axel.  It is designed to offer amazing carving ability, but also is very stable at high speeds. After testing many types of bushings, we chose Riptide bushings, which work best with our board.  If you prefer, we are able to customize your bushings to accommodate your style.  Just email us to explain what you need.
  • XBoard Motor Mount (Made with aluminum 7075-T6 CNC IN USA)
    • The motor mount design is simple but highly capable of handling the extreme force exerted at the back of the board.  It also matches our pulleys, also made with aluminum 7075-T6. 
  • Smart BMS
    • Our smart BMS charges and discharges for safety.  Using the app on an Android or iPhone, you can change settings, record your ride, and view your battery charge (XBoard app in the works).
  • X-Charger 5
    • X- charger 5 is included.  The faster X-Charger 10 is an option.  XBoard recommends using the X-Charger 10 only if you are in a rush.  It is best to charge slowly.
  • X-ESC
    • The X-ESC uses completely different components and design PCB from other ESC to ensure it can handle the power.  It has been extensively tested by XBoard.  We know the ESC is the most critical piece in the electric skateboard.  It has an aluminum heat sink, plus it is coupled with an external heat sink from the enclosure.  As a result, it runs super cold, making it more efficient.

      The X-ESC offers strong and smooth acceleration and braking.  

      Power rating: 24-78V (Total power 9400W each)

  • X-Motor
    • This large motor is made of superior components, such as high strength magnets, NSK Japan high performance bearings, and the stator.  It is exceptionally durable.  With new technology, the common problem of the magnet falling off is solved.  Additionally, heat dissipation is much improved.  As a result, this motor gives you more efficiency, more power, and better torque.

  • Enclosure handcrafted in usa 
    • The enclosure is custom made by hand and consists of several layers of high quality, biaxial, flex fiberglass.  For the finish, we use a different fabric that makes it look like wood.  It is fixed with stainless steel inserts and screws, and aluminum washers.

  • XBoard 7 Tire
    • This tire is designed specifically for the electric skateboard.

      You may already be familiar with the common tire sizes available for electric skateboards: 6 inch and 8 inch.  The 7 XBoard tire combines the range and torque of the 6 inch tire with the comfort of the 8 inch tire in this unique 7 inch design. It represents the best of both worlds.  Advantages include:

      -More tire strength at lower pressure

      -High quality rubber is thicker and stronger, offering you a smoother ride for longer time

      -Excellent contact patch and pattern design provide amazing grip and low resistance