About Us

XBoard, LLC is a small company located in New Jersey.  We have created a high-quality board made in the USA with a little French touch.  
XBoard is a registered trademark.
About the founder/CEO, Xavier Dufreney:

I grew up in a ski resort in the French Alps.  I started skiing practically before I started walking.  I skied competitively, and also tried snowboarding for fun.  I enjoyed skiing back country, freestyle, freeride. I participated in a lot of sports when I was young, such as judo and rugby, but being on the slopes was always my number one choice.  I used to walk 4 hours up a mountain where there were no chairlifts in order to find the freshest snow and steepest ride.  Standing atop this grand mountain, experiencing the view, the silence, made me feel simultaneously like a grain of sand (or flake of snow?) and the king of the world.  Gliding through the smooth powder, carving, speeding, the feeling is indescribable.  

In my 20’s I moved to St. Martin in the Caribbean for a change of pace and scenery.  Clearly there were no mountains and no snow, in fact it was mostly hot and sunny all year.  Despite the climate, I was always searching for a sport that would exhilarate me the way skiing or snowboarding did.  I found wakeboarding, which fulfilled my craving.  Boarding on the water was certainly exciting and fun.

After 5 years in the Caribbean, I moved my life to New York City, for a girlfriend who later became my wife! I had never lived in a big, crowded, bustling city before.  How was I ever going to experience that mountain carving sensation again?  I was shocked one day to see a guy buzzing by on an electric skateboard. It reminded me of my childhood, when my friends and I used to skateboard in the summers.  We had always thought it would be amazing to have a motor on those small boards.  I didn’t realize it existed! I quickly bought my first electric skateboard and loved it immediately.  On the bike paths and streets, in Central Park, I could speed and carve and the sensation was thrilling.  It was great to ride for fun, to explore the city.  No more subways or taxis for me! It turned out to be a quick and easy way to commute to work or the store.  I realized that I could experience the thrill of skiing in the French Alps right in the middle of Manhattan, every day!

As I became a more experienced rider and learned about the different boards, I quickly realized that many had limits to their performance.  I wanted more power, faster speed, longer range.  I read everything I could about electric skateboards – about the parts, the mechanics – and I decided to build my own board and construct my own battery.  It took a lot of time and self-education, but I truly enjoyed the entire process.  It was my first DIY EBOARD, and it was awesome, with crazy power and 25 mile range.  As I rode it for the first time, I was beaming!  I could almost smell the mountain air and feel the fresh powder beneath my board. 

The XBoard was born.

The XBoard is not just an electric skateboard.  It is a brand for thrill seekers, providing an exhilarating sport that can be enjoyed almost anywhere.  It is a brand providing eboards and accessories and promoting safety while riding.