Thank You



With much appreciation:

XBoard would like to say thank you, first and foremost to the most lovely and best wife.  I am able to do my best work because you always help and support me.

Thank you to my son, who is too young to participate in this business directly, but who inspires me to work hard to achieve my goals and provide for my family.

To my buddy Guigui, we have known each other for many years, and have many years of friendship ahead.  Thank you to LPM for your amazing work! Anyone who wants to buy the best quality, hand crafted skis, you must contact LPM HERE

Thank you to Tishawn, the man behind the video camera.  Not only are you skilled in cinematography, but you are also genuine and kind.  I am happy to have become friends in recent years.  Anyone wanting to film a video should have you, no question!

Thank you, Eoin, for your many hours of hard work creating this amazing website for XBoard.  

Many thanks to everyone who has supported and encouraged me in creating this brand.